Why Do Bloggers Need to Outsource?

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Why Do Bloggers Need to Outsource
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Why Do Bloggers Need to Outsource? This is a guest post from my Client and buddy Ryan Biddulph who runs a successful business as a prolific blogger and author over at his website Blogging From Paradise. I have worked with Ryan for this past decade now and more than happy to have him guest post on my site.

Without further ado, I will let Ryan continue with this Guest Post…

Successful bloggers do a few things well and outsource the rest to skilled people who do other things well.

Observe Phillip Dews; this blog’s owner. He is my developer. I know little to nothing about web development and design. My brain seems to have ceased growing in these areas, after a bit of crude HTML code and drawing stick figures, that seemed to oddly be shaped like pickles. Alas, my friend has helped guide me through hosting choices and has also saved me countless hours, headaches and frustrations by handling all design and development issues on my blog.

Imagine if I spent those long, hard hours trying to figure out design and development problems, with like, zero experience in both areas? Not only would I have been angry, frustrated, and ready to punch through a brick wall, I’d also be wasting precious hours I should have been spending blogging, guest posting and building bonds with top bloggers.

Every hour I would have spent attempting to figure out coding issues could have been spent placing sponsored posts and making money. Every hour I would have spent trying to figure out why in the Hades my blog loaded as an all-white page (GASP!) could have been spent promoting my eBooks. This is why bloggers need to outsource. We have enough on our plate between creating, connecting and monetizing duties. No pro blogger – or aspiring pro – has the time, energy and knowledge to put out all blogging fires and to handle all blogging issues that will arise as your blog traffic grows.

Outsource to Do What You Do Best

I have seen incredibly talented bloggers who struggle like hell. Why? Said talents stubbornly waste hours, days and weeks trying to be a DIY blogger. Ya know what I mean; bloggers who try to figure out and fix all aspects of their blog. Good luck with that because those 3 weeks you wasted trying to do something that would have been easily handled through outsourcing are 3 weeks of potential traffic and profits lost.

I just built 600 backlinks in 9 days. How? I guest post 5-6 times daily and publish multiple posts to my blog, too. Blog commenting? Check. Plus I have been doing this stuff for months. I do what I do best because I have 24 hours daily available to me, to do what I do best. Imagine if I wasted 7 hours today trying to handle all elements of my blogging campaign, most skills being completely outside of my wheelhouse?

This is why most bloggers struggle horribly. Being micromanager types, these bloggers who resist outsourcing simply never scale to epic levels because they do stuff that other skilled entrepreneurs should be doing, to streamline their blogs.

Outsource. Allow pros to handle jobs outside of your skillset to free up all of your professional time to do what you do best. Sure; as a blogging newbie, your $3 monthly hosting package does the trick. But wait until traffic begins to rise. Quickly, you will need to outsource, consulting experts to figure out your ideal hosting package, your blog crashing and loading as slowly as molasses on a freezing winter day. What about the white screen of death? That almost always strikes just when your blog seems to take off. Consult a pro to handle the situation.

Do you feel too short on time to write helpful content? Hire a freelance writer to address your needs.

Hands down, established, pro bloggers scale better than anybody on earth because they work with skilled folks whose expertise fills holes in their blogging campaign.

Outsource. Consult pros. Hire pros. Observe billionaire Richard Branson. Do you know why he is so happy and successful? He humbly hires brilliant people whose skills far exceed his in certain disciplines, to build massive, successful companies fast. He may be the best outsourcer in the history of entrepreneurship. Make no mistake about it; that RB is incredibly skilled, but this RB knows that Branson became wildly successful because he in essence outsourced to grow his companies at a blinding rate of speed.


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About the Author

Ryan Biddulph inspires with his blog, courses, audiobooks and 100 plus eBooks at Blogging From Paradise.

  1. Phillip Dews | at 2:01 pm

    Hi Ryan,

    Thank you for this guest post, my very first on this website. It’s true, the term Jack of All trades springs to mind when reading this. For me, I prefer to be a master of one and yes I do write and blog about website design, development, and hosting but I do what I do best and that is build websites from the ground up much like this one.

    At the end of the day, this is why I do what I do because I just love it and I help others by letting those people do what they do best and not have to worry about their own websites and blogs.

    Thank you again for this Ryan,
    Stay well.


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