The Web Professionals Pledge.

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The Web Professionals Pledge
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What is The Web Professionals Pledge?

The Web Professionals Pledge will be a Universal set of minimum Standards, Rules and Best Practices for designers, developers, content writers, SEOs, Graphic designers and more to promise to uphold so we always produce our best work for our clients.

Electricians have NIC EIC. Builders have the Federation of Master Builders. Roofers have NFRC. Plumbers have CIPHE & Gas Safe, and Decorators have The Painting and Decorating Association. All these trades have some form of a professional body, a universal set of rules and standards to adhere too.

Membership of these associations and bodies means that the trade needs to produce work of the highest possible standards while adhering to the body’s rules and practices in order to retain membership and in turn protect their reputation on delivering their best work.

I cannot speak for those trades further afield in places like the States, Europe, Australia and the rest of the world, because I simply do not know. However, I suspect that there are also governing and regulatory bodies in those respective places too.

Why then is there not a regulatory body for us web professionals? Yes, we did have the UKWDA but that now has permanently closed and yes there may be other Professional Associations or Bodies in other countries but here in the UK I personally cannot find any.

Reputable design professionals have their own standards and way of doing things; they want the best for their clients and to exceed their expectations, when we deliver the work we have produced for them. Yes, we have Trustpilot, Clutch, Facebook, and Google for Reputation management.

But as web professionals, we have no universal set of Standards, Rules and Best practices to adhere too. For over a decade I have been producing work for SMEs, Individuals and bloggers alike and I like to think that I have produced my best possible work for them.

Is there a need for this?

Personally I think so dear reader. Why? Well over the years I have come across many websites both good and bad. some really dire ones as well that have not been updated in years.

Mark Zuckerberg famously said that a website should never be finished and continue to evolve, change and grow. I totally agree with this which is why I am always looking to improve on my clients’ websites and offer my advice because naturally, I want them to be successful.

Clients however have no idea if what they are purchasing off a freelancer will turn out like in the end. A clients wants and needs might not necessarily align with what the freelancer thinks his or her client wants.

Yes, clients can make informed decisions on choosing a freelancer to hire from their portfolio, reviews, reputation, awards, qualifications and ultimately the look and feel of said freelancers website. But what happens if the freelancer decides to produce sub-standard work this time and thinks that “Good Enough” is actually Good Enough for their client.

Why Make a set of universal Standards and Rules for Web Professionals?

A really simple reason. Well two actually. Firstly I want people who are about to hire a web professional know that they are going to receive a product or service produced at a certain level of standards and rules.

Secondly I want web professionals to be able to get good quality clients that know the value of the work they produce and will be renumerated for.

Oh, I forgot another reason, the third reason. I want web professional peers to hold each other to account for the quality of each other’s work so that we can continually to improve and produce quality work for our clients.

Good enough will not cut it here.

What are the Universal Standards and Rules for Web Professionals?

At the moment I have no idea. I have not yet produced a set of minimum standards or rules yet. That being said I do have a fair idea of what a minimum standard website should be capable of and what a client expects which is where you come in.

I want you as a Web Professional to come up with a rule or two to include in our pledge. The rules should center around things like UX, Accessibility, Functionality, Design, Speed, Responsiveness, Green Credentials, Ethics and most importantly Legality.

The Web Professionals Creed.

As a Web Professional, I pledge to uphold the Rules, standards, and ethics laid out in the Web Professionals Standards Manifesto and produce the highest possible quality work for my clients at all times

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