My New and Improved website

11 November 2020 • Develop

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You would be forgiven for thinking that this blog is built on the WordPress Content Management System. From the outset yes it does look like a WordPress site which is and was my intention, however in this instance you are totally and completly wrong. For more than a decade now I have been designing and developing websites, eCommerce systems and blogs for clients all across the globe. Mainly using WordPress and my scaffold to build bespoke and unique themes on. 

Over the years I have watched WordPress grow and tature to become the worlds most used CMS powering some of the biggest names like  TechCrunch,, Fortune Magazine, Problogger and many more besides. On top of that businesses like, Squarepsace and GoDaddy have democratized the website design and developemt industry making it easy for anyone to create a professional looking website in an afternoon.

A sideeffect of all of that is that it's harder for freelancers like yours truly to stand out and offer unique solutions. It's also a lot harder to please those people who demand on us lowering our rate while expecting a lot more besides. Given the current climate (at the time of writing this) I feel that a new website is far from people mind. Yes there is still demand out there it's just that people don't want to spend as much as they usually do, it's become a buyers market in 2020.


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