Fake Reviews, How to deal with them.

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Getting Fake Reviews is never nice and as a freelance website developer, designer and now Blogger there is nothing I love more than getting reviews from happy clients. These reviews give me the impetus to go above and beyond the expectations of my clients. Something I always try and strive for.

Fake Reviews from Fake Clients

It really is something I love receiving as it validates my work ethic knowing that I have made my clients day. However I have recently been receiving fake reviews from someone creating multiple fake profiles and leaving me one or two star reviews on my Trustpilot account.

Case in point here they are from the admin area of my Trustpilot account. I would show you them on my public profile page but as I have reported them as FakeReviews the website has took them off while investigating my claims. Do have a read of my responses here

First of my Fake Reviews
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My fake review from earlier today

And my first one from earlier this year. February

Second of my Fake Reviews
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A Fake review from back in February.

I get that I cannot manage expectations and please all people all of the time but as you can see from the above that these two have been left by a person who is not a customer and is not interested in reaching out to me with their complaints about the way I work.

Naturally my reputation means a load to me as it’s what helps me build my business and client profile as well as keep my household expenses in order. The review I received back on February I took as an opportunity to put my story across as I believed this person is jealous of me and my business.

I can tell you dear reader that building my web design business has been hard work this past decade and I laugh when people tell me that I am lucky to be self-employed. I tell these people that I do not get any sick-pay, paid holidays, days off, a company pension, free gym membership or days off. I work all the hours I can by getting up at 4am and hitting the sack at 10pm on any day I can (even Christmas) because if I do not work then I do not build my business. it’s that simple dear reader. So am I lucky, Well yes I believe I am as I have not given up and never will. This is my work ethic for my clients.

A Happy Client Review.

Five years ago I received a wonderful review from a social media superstar from California called Rebecah Radice who left me this glowing testimonial on Facebook. It just goes to show what hard work does and reaching out to people offering value and going above and beyond their expectations. This for me is the driving force of running my business. Not the money I earn but seeing someone happy with the work I have done for them to help their own business.

Although this was now nearly 5 years ago it just goes to show what people think and will write about you when you go above and beyond their expectations. This is just the one review out of may i have collected over the years from my happy clients.

How do you deal with bed reviews? Ever had one before? How did it make you feel? Was you able to turn the bad review into a positive. Love your thoughts on this?

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  1. Donna Merrill | at 2:43 pm

    Hi Philip,
    So far so good for me because I have had only two or three bad reviews. They were from people I didn’t know and it was all about complaining that I charge for my services. “It should be free” they say. But considering what I put out on my blog “for free” to get more I do have to charge for my products/services that will take them to a higher place with their blogs. One person didn’t even have a blog. I ignored them and they went away.
    However, I do get good reviews from those who I have built the know, like and trust factor with. People seem to be pleased with my blog and very happy with my services. The reviews I get from them is something like I’m a real person with real empathy….things like that.
    I like to get feedback…good or bad so I can grow personally. If I get a review of someone that is not satisfied with my work, it would give me a chance not only to help this person better, but to make myself better. But it hasn’t happened yet.
    P.S. I love Rebekkah’s review!
    Donna Merrill recently posted…Why should you start a niche blog?My Profile

    Rating: 5.0/5. From 1 vote.
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    • Phillip Dews | at 8:35 am

      Hi Donna,

      First of all thank you for being patient with me in replying (only took me three months) and for your comment. I was advised by a colleague of mine a few years back now that I should raise my prices for my services in web development

      After Raising them I found that I was attracting better clients who know what they wanted and had a decent budget. I also found that the Tyre kickers stopped knocking on my door, but it was then that I started getting my fake 1 and 2 star reviews not only on Trustpilot but on other sites as well. Luckily all of my fake reviews have been took off.

      I have learned one thing about raising my prices though. People who pay the least expect the most. What do you think?
      Thank you for your comment Donna.

      Phillip Dews
      Phillip Dews recently posted…Superfast WordPress Websites. Part 1. ImagesMy Profile

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