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You may have noticed a new change around this blog dear reader. Yep I have spent a pretty penny and purchased this brand spanking new domain name. Cool aint it?

I have joined an new and exciting group of bloggers who own similar domains. Matt Mullenweg and his company Automattic rolled out this new TLD (Top Level Domain) in 2016.

Seems the fashion is to get as small a domain as possible. I have even gone non-WWW this time after years building my sites with WWW. in front of the domains.

The market is still wide open for new bloggers wanting to get in on the action and I highly recommend Crazy Domains to purchase you domain. but be prepared to spend a small fortune when buying a domain with just 4 or 5 letters in front of the .blog.

Getting a short .blog domain means that you will be joining a small but illustrious group of bloggers, Here is a list of the few I love to visit from time to time.

1. Yaro dot Blog

Yaro has rebranded his blog from Entrepreneurs Journey to just Yaro.Blog recently, going from of the most longest domains (and difficult ones to type out in the URL bar) to one of the shortest.
I have known Yaro for a number of years now and I often pop up and leave a comment or two. Well worth paying him a visit.

2. Tim dot Blog

Tim Ferris, The Four Hour Work Week Guy, blogger, Digital Nomad and now awesome Podcaster. Well worth a visit for inspiration and awesomeness from time to time.

3. Seths dot Blog

No list would be complete without having to mention Seth Godin’s new blog. The Author and exceptional writer is well worth a visit or two.

4. Matt dot Blog

Yep the founder indeed has one as well. I think I am getting a complex now being in the company of some awesome people. Well worth a visit just to see some of Matt Mullenweg’s photos. I goto say I really want one of these. Please Matt can I have one?

Loads more out there that are well worth a visit.

There are of course loads more out there I’m sure. These are just a few I found by trying them out in the URL bar of my web browser. I wonder if my friend, colleague and client Ryan Biddulph will bite the bullet and get one before it’s too late.

I believe as a web developer that’s obsessed with speed and the Web Development world in general its good to change and move with the times. Long domains are dying a death now and becoming more stagnant. Lets move with the times and refresh the look of out sites with a unique look and use one of the new awesome TLD’s.

Thank you for indulging me.


  1. Prateek Singh | at 5:49 pm

    Well Sir,
    I was in a deep thought between buying .in and a .blog domain. But at the end I needed to adjust with that .in domain as I thought .in domain would be easier to rank as it is one of the top level domain. I could be wrong as I don’t have that much Idea about web domains.

    Am I right or wrong?



    Prateek Singh

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